First blog post of 2014 (actually, ever)

There are been so many highlights to 2013 - among them have been; working alongside Derek Wiesehahn on Kim Snyder's upcoming documentary about (in broad strokes) the Newtown massacre; shooting for the amazing long-time collaborator of Matthew Barney, Pete Streitmann, on 'River of Fundament' premiering this February at BAM; shooting with Tamara Rosenberg in rural Georgia for a project by Robb Moss and Peter Galatin, Nuclear Underground; getting another commission from ALSO for the Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women; and being able to work for some of my favorite long-standing clients like MetLife, Allsteel and ITN News Channel 4.  Oh, and it's my second consecutive year to have a film that I was a shooter on in Sundance!  Keep an eye out for "The Notorious Mr. Bout'!

All the while, I have been continuing to explore the boundaries of documentary filmmaking by researching activist filmmaking (à la Challenge for Change) and how that model can be useful in all kinds of situations.  (More on that soon.)  Working this past year with Lance Weiller's Transmedia project for the IFP/UN festival was also a high-point and feeling closer to my roots at the intersection of architecture and film while exploring experience design (actual not virtual)  with a great team for the "My Sky is Falling" component.  I'm developing an installation which is a bit under wraps just yet but one which I plan to focus on this year as well.

2014 is already off to a fun start - clicking into gear for several projects in various stages of production!  I'm excited to work with friends old and new and continue to grow Moto and me.